I had a recent request to create some 10×20″ templates like the Alphabet Photography posters – so I created templates for 4-Letter through 8-Letter templates, available individually as well as a bundle.

Contact me if you would like this same template with a different number of letters, or on a different canvas size. The posters are minimalistic and simple, and so are the templates, but you can easily modify, add or subtract from them, insert your images, and send to your favorite printer.

The 4-Letter Name Template photo spaces are sized for 4×6″ photos – each additional letter decreases the size of the letter space a little, but is in the same proportion as the 4×6″ photo – your photo will be the same proportion as the standard 4×6″ print, but at a slightly smaller percentage, so don’t worry about losing something. You can always crop it differently too – that’s the fun of templates, it’s just a starting board!