A new photo map series based on a recent request – now you can showcase your three favorite photos for your favorite country, a place you have visited, or maybe some future plans. Each Scenic Photo Map template is on a 20″ x 20″ layout – send to your favorite printer to print at 20″ square, or easily scale down based on your desired finished size.

The templates include 3 separate layers for photos, as well as the country as a whole under the three layers with a shadow background. You can easily modify the template for your needs – change the photo sizes and placement, adjust the shadow, make the country smaller, etc. I try to keep the countries as geographically correct as possible; however, some liberties have been taken to remove the tiniest of islands that just show up as white dots, and fill in small lakes to better showcase your photo.

I have the first 5 uploaded and I am working on the rest – and your favorite states will be coming soon. And on Etsy, enter coupon code tcdblogreader for a 20% discount!

Scenic Map Template: Africa

Scenic Map Template: Antarctica

Scenic Map Template: Asia

Scenic Map Template: Australia

Scenic Map Template: Austria