I love Apple.

Ever since the day we first looked at the Macbooks a few years ago I have been hooked, switched over to the dark side, and never looked back. After so many problems with PCs I was fed up and ready to try something new. The last straw was my dual RAID drive, which was supposed to prevent any loss in data or any of the previous miseries from happening again, had a fatal error in the boot sector before any of the RAID separation and data loading began, and it took 2 weeks to recover the data. Luckily we were able to restore the data – but that’s when my husband threw the computer out the window and took me to the Apple store, LOL. And now, a few years later, we are nicely synced with the laptop, iMac, new iPhones and an iPad.

I saw this article this morning and thought it might be of interest to you, as well as this article where the author, a previous unbeliever, describes the iPad as an iPod for paper. Just one more reason to love Apple… and switch over to the dark side.