2011 Calendar Templates & A New Kit!

The 2011 Clean and Scattered Calendar templates are now ready! Based on the same design as last year I have updated the dates for the 2011 year, plus turned them into 11 x 8 1/2″ versions as well. With each version – Clean and Scattered – 3 file types are included – PSD files with folders, all months in a single template; TIF version of the PSD file; and PSE ready templates with each month saved as its own PSD file without groups/folders for PSE users. Each version also includes a Mon-Sun version and a Sun-Sat version, so you’ll receive either 4 templates or 24 templates depending on the version you select (2 8 1/2 versions and 2 12×12 versions). Also a bundle with all calendars is available, and all on sale for a limited time!

My next major things in the works are to work on the CU4CU license options as there have been some requests for that, some finished calendars for the 2011 year, the November Mystery CU Bundle, and finishing up some new kits.

P.S. Have you seen my new kit Apothecary? On sale for a limited time, perfect for fall and just released this week! The punched alpha shown below is included in the kit and also available separately, as well as the papers in the kit.

iPad Tops in Consumer Report + How an iPad won over an Unbeliever

I love Apple.

Ever since the day we first looked at the Macbooks a few years ago I have been hooked, switched over to the dark side, and never looked back. After so many problems with PCs I was fed up and ready to try something new. The last straw was my dual RAID drive, which was supposed to prevent any loss in data or any of the previous miseries from happening again, had a fatal error in the boot sector before any of the RAID separation and data loading began, and it took 2 weeks to recover the data. Luckily we were able to restore the data – but that’s when my husband threw the computer out the window and took me to the Apple store, LOL. And now, a few years later, we are nicely synced with the laptop, iMac, new iPhones and an iPad.

I saw this article this morning and thought it might be of interest to you, as well as this article where the author, a previous unbeliever, describes the iPad as an iPod for paper. Just one more reason to love Apple… and switch over to the dark side.

Still Need More Reasons to Switch to Apple?

I saw a similar article on a link through Sharebuilder the other day, and I find it interesting that Apple still tops the consumer satisfaction surveys after 7 years, yet many are still hesitant or even afraid to try a Mac and switch over. We just switched over to iPhones, have had a MacBook and an iMac for a couple years, and have never been happier! Plus we have Fusion for the software programs that don’t run on Mac – but believe me, I don’t miss Windows at all!

Read the entire article here from The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

For the seventh straight year in a row, Apple has topped the American Customer Satisfaction Index survey, ringing in at number one on the annual list of PC manufacturers as ranked by customers. And it earned its best score ever — an 86 out of 100. That’s nine points ahead of its closest competitors, which are Dell, Acer, and HP. As you can see from the chart above, Apple is on its way up as well.

It’s tempting to lay success like this at the feet of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, but keep in mind that this is strictly about PC manufacturers. Consumers are more satisfied than ever with their Macs, and it shows on the sales side as well, with Macs selling in record numbers. Apple now calls itself a mobile device company, but it turns out that branching out to mobile devices from personal computers was one of the best things that ever happened to the Mac.

You Know You’re A Scrapbooker/Artist If You…

1. Use cardstock to select the paint colors in your home

2. End up with bits of scrap paper stuck to your shoe

3. Own a red-eye pen

4. Approach every event as a potential scrapbook layout

5. Photograph your child in a particular outfit because it coordinates with patterned paper

6. Look at every item in your junk drawer as a possible layout embellishment

7. Can spot a new paper collection immediately

8. Think that hybrid is something other than a plant

9. Carry your camera in your purse at all times

10. Dream of an organized, well-stocked scrap space

*I recently found this list I saved from a 2008 Memory Makers magazine, thought you might enjoy it!

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