About Me

I am a stay-at-home mom to the cutest Preschooler Riley, and wife to wonderful husband Shawn and we live in the greater Seattle area. I can’t believe my little man is starting preschool this fall!

I love all things creative – I have a background in both design and marketing, and am working on my web design and graphic design skills, as well as learning all things Adobe. I love to learn and try new things with design and it’s common to see a variety of styles from me, but hopefully with the same underlying feeling, and I strive for high quality and multi-use for items.

I am also a serious hobby photographer; I’ve taken a few classes in film photography, but now I am completely digital so it’s been a fun switch and I love learning about the differences and what I can do with my SLR.

And my new obsession: FABRIC! I am absolutely in love with so many fabric lines, and my new Brother SE400 Sewing & Embroidery machine! I have a variety of “first” projects in the works and am having fun figuring out all the bugs and making my first things – first quilts, first aprons, first pincushions – first every things! It’s a little overwhelming and intimidating trying to teach myself, but I found a quilting club and I think I can learn a lot from that, in addition to trial and error on my own, books, and those wonderful tutorials available everywhere!

Starting up a Vintage Stitch Patterns news blog and a Rainy Day Designs news blog – check for those soon!


  1. linnie

    Hey looks fabulous, love it.

  2. redjanfan

    Hi, just read your bio bits and saw we have some things in common. I love to sew, craft, and of course scrap, which you can’t do unless you also are a bit of a photographer! I’ve been trying to read as much as possible about taking better pictures and I can see the difference! I’ve always studied art and scrapping is an extension of both art and photography for me. I also spent years in sales and marketing, from which I’m now semi-retired! We live in the interior of British Columbia, hot and dry instead of moist. Things French have a wonderful cachet for me too, I have so many of Royanna F’s kits from DD. I also took a course from Bonnie at bouncingbonbon, who is in South Africa, on ATCs which was great, she likes the French Connection as well, and is a really wonderful photographer. She sells thru her bouncingbonbon web site, but is connected to Chaos Lounge and Kim B I think, but check her out!! Anyway, nice to meet you Tricia keep up the great work!!


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