Is this thing on? Did you miss me? I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I’ve posted. I won’t bore you with all that’s been going on the past year, but I would love to get back to my computer and just sit and make templates, and play with color and… you get the idea.

I began my calendar templates a while ago, back in September maybe? I always forget just how long it takes to finish them, what with 2 options (Monday start and Sunday start), Clean and Scattered versions, plus 3 different sizes (6×6, 8.5×11, and 12×12). I think I’ll start on the 2016 calendars in January next year – that should give me enough time don’t you think? Wow, that is just a few short weeks away.

Here is a preview of the 6 different options:

2015 Clean Calendar 6x6

2015 Clean Calendar 8x11

2015 Clean Calendar 12x12

2015 Scattered Calendar 6x6

2015 Scattered Calendar 8x11

2015 Scattered Calendar 12x12

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Enjoy! I would love to see how you use the calendar templates!