4th of July Weekend Sale

Just a quick note – My Store and my Etsy shop are on sale this weekend, through Monday July 4th. Happy Birthday USA! I hope you have a safe and fun weekend, and go ahead and grab all the items you are looking for at a discount. Save 17.76% through Monday.

I have several new templates to grab, and as always, let me know if there is a specific template you are searching for. 2017 Calendars are coming soon along with several more ideas I’ve been working on.

Shop here for my store – the discount will show up in your cart.

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Thanks and have a great weekend!

Scenic Map Templates

A new photo map series based on a recent request – now you can showcase your three favorite photos for your favorite country, a place you have visited, or maybe some future plans. Each Scenic Photo Map template is on a 20″ x 20″ layout – send to your favorite printer to print at 20″ square, or easily scale down based on your desired finished size.

The templates include 3 separate layers for photos, as well as the country as a whole under the three layers with a shadow background. You can easily modify the template for your needs – change the photo sizes and placement, adjust the shadow, make the country smaller, etc. I try to keep the countries as geographically correct as possible; however, some liberties have been taken to remove the tiniest of islands that just show up as white dots, and fill in small lakes to better showcase your photo.

I have the first 5 uploaded and I am working on the rest – and your favorite states will be coming soon. And on Etsy, enter coupon code tcdblogreader for a 20% discount!

Scenic Map Template: Africa

Scenic Map Template: Antarctica

Scenic Map Template: Asia

Scenic Map Template: Australia

Scenic Map Template: Austria

New This Week 03.06.15

It has been a very busy week, and I haven’t finished everything I was hoping to, but I did get 2 new templates released. First, I took a Macaron baking class last fall, and they gave us rough macaron template sheets, but I decided it might be better to redo them with a fun, bright color and uniform size and placement. This template will give you uniform 1 1/3″ macarons – just be sure to remove the printed PDF sheet from under your parchment before baking. Each printed PDF will set up 30 macarons for you.

Macaron Baking Template

And then the second item I was able to complete this week were 2 Minecraft Pixel Templates. My son is about to turn 7 and we are busy planning a Minecraft birthday party (of course!). I have several Minecraft projects in progress and these 2 templates are my basis for everything – many of which are printed invitations, thank you cards, and fabric projects for take home party favors. The Minecraft Pixel templates are a pair of templates – one is a 12″ x 12″ 8×8-pixel template with pixels at 1 1/2″ square. The other is a 16″ x 16″ page with 1″ squares – easily change, modify, customize – create your own Minecraft characters or otherwise – easily adapt it to your needs. I will have some paper templates released soon with our final color selections – the actual templates I created and am using for my fabric projects, labeled with my color selections. You will be able to use these for your own fabric projects, paper designs, templates for your own birthday parties – so many ways to use them. Once I get them cleaned up I will list them. Until then, have fun creating your own Minecraft characters, or other pixelated characters!

Minecraft Pixels Templates

The Minecraft Pixels Templates are shown with gridlines so you can see the pixel separations. Otherwise it would look just like a single grey layer. Each pixel is separate and labeled by row and pixel number for easy identification!

Until next week enjoy! And as always – if there is something specific you are looking for let me know – I may be able to create it for you.

Both of these templates are available in my Etsy shop – click the images above, or click here to see everything.

New This Week 02.27.15

Hello there! I am busy catching up on and completing many things I started a long time ago, but somehow never finished. I just wanted to let you know of a couple new templates ready, by request, in my Etsy shop. I need to finish some updates in my personal store and these will be there soon, but for now you can find them on Etsy. And since you’re a blog reader, enter coupon code tcdblogreader at Etsy checkout for a 20% discount on your purchase.

First, 2 cufflink templates were created by request. One template is 1/2″ square, the other is 16mm round. Both come in my standard template format – both PSD and TIF files included for use in Photoshop, PSE, PSP and Gimp – and no folders, so they are PSE friendly! And then a fun and very versatile template that can be used in many ways – use it for photos, journaling, paper embellishment – you name it you can probably figure out a way to use it. All templates are completely customizable to your needs.

Cufflink 1/2" Square Template

Cufflink 16mm Round Template

Blueprint 01 Template

That’s all for now. More templates coming soon that I’m really excited about. I am also gearing up for a 15k this weekend in downtown Seattle. What are your plans for this wonderful start to March weekend?

Create A State Template As Unique As You

Take a trip to a new state recently? Or maybe you just need to give a little love to your home state. Either way, my series of Photo Map Templates will have you reminiscing about your photos and other events.

I started these over the summer, but was only recently able to finish them. The Photo Map Template Series includes all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C., and The United States on a 12×12″ layout, and on a 12×24″ layout for a 2-page spread. There is also the option of getting all Photo Map Templates in one series download, saving over 35%!

Pick your favorite state(s), and I would love to see your completed layouts!

Here is a sampling. See them all here in my store. And p.s. they are all on sale right now, as part of the storewide 40% off sale for a limited time!

Photo Map Template: California

Photo Map Template: Iowa

Photo Map Template: Massachusetts

Photo Map Template: The United States 2-Page Spread

Photo Map Templates: The Complete Set

What’s your favorite state? What would you like to create with one {or more} of these?


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